Ben and Beth on their Pearl Anniversary

It makes me smile to see couples last for as long as thirty years. For Ben and Beth Teocson, the mild-mannered couple held their first (!) church wedding at the Manila Cathedral on November 16, after being united thirty years ago in civil court. Thanks to Ben's son Bim Teocson who got me as one of the photogs (there was Kix and Ging as photogs too). Now Bim runs Playback Productions-a pro video studio for special events. I was impressed by Bim's AVP and on-site movie at the reception in the Coconut Palace. Impressive too was father Ben's humble children in organizing this momentous wedding anniversary for their beloved parents. May your tribe increase!

Mart and Reena November 11, 2006 Wedding

Thanks again to pro photographer Jomel Gregorio for tapping moi and Edu Cortes as his associate photogs for Mart and Reena's lovely wedding. I told Reena how fortunate she was to have three photogs on her special day! I used my Nikon SB-28 and SB-24 flash units for all my portable flash power with the Nikon D2x DSLR. This time around I packed my external SB-28 flash with a battery pack. When you have an external light source it's always convenient to hire a lightman to carry the light rig (and your other photo gears too). Muchas gracias for being so kind and generous to us, Reena and Mart! Have a happy one!

3-Day Cruise Ship Photography Workshop @ FPPF

Ahoy thar mateys! The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation will conduct a Cruise Ship Photography Workshop for any Filipino intent to work abroad as a professional ship photographer. The 3-day workshop will be on December 4, 5 and 6, 2007. Joe Galian will conduct the workshop by helping prospective ship photogs increase their chances of being hired. For queries: 302A FEMII Building, Soriano (Aduana) Street, Intramuros, Manila. Telephone: (63)(2) 524-7576 and phone/fax: (63)(2) 528-0371. Look for Karen or Lito (email: Visit too. Sea you thar!

Basic Photography Workshop Students

For those who don't know yet, yours truly teaches basic and advance photography workshops for corporations, institute of learnings, and of course, for private/individual lessons too. I personally find the latter highly personal and very effective in sharing the love of photography. The photo shows moi (on the left), Peach, Denise and Romano. My workshop takes two days to complete. Happy clickin' guys!

Arthur and Renee Olaño Golden Wedding

November 4 was the 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary of Arthur and Renee Olaño at the Diamond Hotel in Manila. Eric Diño was the main photog while Gilbert and yours truly played support. Special thanks for Bug Nieva for renting me his Benque laptop. Eric is certainly a jack-of-all-trades: he ran this celebration as coordinator, choir master and mass celebrant! Good thing he didn't replace the job of Fr. Reuters! You better take it easy Eric and just enjoy the next time around!