Ron and Laarni Tagaytay Wedding

Congratulations to Ron and Laarni on their wedding. Shierdan Pamintuan did the video and Gilbert Obispo was the main photog. Venue was at the Josephine's Restaurant in Tagaytay. Ron surprised his wife by singing a ballad to her for the first time in his life (photo above) at their reception. What's unique about this event was that Shierdan (or Dan) the videographer did the couple's impressive pre-nuptial photography (inset photo). I'm floored! No woner he's not giving me pre-nupt projects. I'd better fast-track my video lessons soon as my revenge heh heh heh! How much for that new, HD video-enabled Nikon D90 DSLR again?

2009 International Cruise Ship Workshop

Ahoy mateys! Here is my latest press release photo for my International Cruise Ship Photography Workshop for the rest of the year. Nice eh? Thanks to Adobe Photoshop heh heh heh! My camera rig featured is the classic Nikon F2 (with DA-1 Action Finder) and the bombastic Nikon Speedlight SB-11...and boy they weight a ton! I just make 'em look easy and light to hold. For more info on my monthly workshop please visit this link. Sea y'all there!

Goodbye to Francis Magalona

We lost a nationalistic artist in Francis Magalona to lukemia on March 6 at 44 years young. He is the Father of Philippine Rap music, a businessman, host to a popular noon timeshow and photographer member of the prestigious Camera Club of the Philippines. When I was confined at the Medical City hospital (I had asthma) last month, a nurse whispered to me that Francis was also secretly confined. Only a good friend stoppped me on my tracks from entering his room. Well I just thought that the good man needed someone to share the love of photography in that sterile place. I would...The nation mourns.

Mike and Jocelyn Feb Nuptial

Congratulations to Mike Duff and Jocelyn Ferrer on their memorable wedding! Top wedding photog Dino Lara did outstanding photo-journalistic coverage and Bob Nicolas did the dandy video with their macho, full-HD Panasonics outfitted with Canon lenses (photo below). Both their photo AVP, video AVP and on-site wedding movie were all artistic in treatment of the highest quality. The wedding rite was celebrated at the new Magallanes Church in Makati city and reception was held at the posh Manila Peninsula. May your tribe increase folks!