Mr. & Ms. Youth Philippines 2012

Congratulations to Mr. Gelo Flores and Ms. Eien Almirante for winning this year's Mr. & Ms. Youth Philippines. May you guys be a beacon of hope to our Filipino youths! DHQ Photography by Joe Galian and; Sam Nakai. The Nikon D5100 is used with the old Nikkor 18-135mm lens. Wow, 16 MP looks very good in JPEG Fine format! No post-processing yet, except for web resizing.

FPPF Wedding Photo Workshops

Here is a belated FPPF Wedding Photography Workshop class picture. As time can allow me, I do post all photos of the behind-the-scene (BTS) in my blog. The FPPF needs more personnel to manage this wedding workshop's BTS. Congratulations guys: may you be the next generations of Pinoy wedding photogs!
The word "strobist" has been probably popularized by freelance photographer, Joe McNally. It describes a lighting style of using small portable, battery powered flash units-which are also called "speedlights". Ergo it's my initiative to popularize the new word "speedlighter" as an alternative moniker to our photographic lighting style. As a Philippine Nikon endorser, yours truly expounded on Nikon's visual creative handle on their "I am Nikon" worldwide ad campaign and stamped my own thematic bend. So i say: be a SPEEDLIGHTER!...because light is might.
Watch our Camerageek TV 2nd season on June 23 Saturday, Channel NBN 4 at 6 PM. Kudos to Dan Pamintuan, Jam Ra and the rest of the CGTV Team! Ey you can download every episode that you missed! Visit: