Making Democracy Work For Us Again

Participating in the recently concluded "digital" election made me feel nationalistic once again. We all hope and pray that the next president of this Republic will not be "swallowed up" by the cancer of corruption that's inextricably embedded in all our government institutions. Any incremental improvements in the economy, peace and order, unemployment and inflation will definitely be a boon to our local photography industry. A good president's six year term is too short to rectify generations of abuse-so let's cut him a lot of slack. Let's prove to the world (again) that we Filipinos are still worthy of the many individual and collective freedoms of a Democracy.

Philippine Fashion Week Posts-Not Yet!

Well, I was requested to delay posting here the Super Mall Department Store (SM) fashion photos I took from the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX building. Meanwhile enjoy these photos. Along with the Shutterbug studio team (inset photo with Edwin and Monching), we were assigned prime spot infront of the media horde-but just for the SM Parisian fashion line. And a requested backstage photo studio setup was made in the dressing room for the models to pose for before walking down the catwalk. Wow! What a production by SM!

Rustan's Many Splendored Ladies

Rustan's Many Splendored Ladies in-store exhibit featured some of the best national costumes worn by Pres. Cory Aquino and some First Ladies of the past presidencies. Due to mixed lighting indoors I found it necessary to use my two Nikon SB Speedlights as main lights to minimize the cross shadows of available pin lights and other light sources.

Steel Cabinets & Vault Doors Shoot

Shooting heavy steel cabinets, vaults and steel doors for a local manufacturer proved to be my limit. That's around 60 products with two variations in a hot, humid, noisy, dusty factory environment that stalled my Nikon DSLR, slowed down the laptop and affected my circulation! My production assistant was heroic in Mark Lidio-thank you, sir, for not quitting on me when my gears did! Many, many, many lessons were learned even more. When I look back all I can say is "whew!"

Mr. Nikon's Caffe Ti-amo

Mr. Nikon (Andy Tan, bi-spectacled gentleman, right) has something for all you lovers out there: Cafe Ti-amo. It sounds like love cafe (in Spanish?)...or i love you. Located at the SM North Annex, ground floor, bring family, friends, et al to enjoy sweet treats to compliment your fellowship. Thanks for the opening invitation, Andy!