Celebrating 1 Year of Strobist Lighting Workshop

It's time to thank the unsung heroes that have made this FPPF's newest workshop a success:

Pablo Beltran-FPPF Project Director for believing in yours truly and the vote of confidence. Thank you, sir, for being kind to new talent.

Brian Lee-FPPF Project Manager for producing this monthly workshop by "hook or by crook"! A veritable strobist himself, Brian makes this workshop viable.

Ricky Ladia-for recommending to the FPPF a two day workshop ('twas just 1 day workshop for the 1st batch). Thanks much, bro!

Strobist Model: Ms. Nicole, thanks for quietly bearing with participants and giving them stunning poses. Salamat!

You-the participants who subscribed to our workshop! Thank you for spreading the luv of lighting and photography.

Kudos Team FPPF! And congratulations to the lovely Batch 13's Michelle Morelos (3rd photo, from top) for winning the OTS strobist photo contest! Cheers y'all!

Finally: The 1st DSLR Video Workshop

Kudos to organizer Mr. Dexter De Guia for starting up such a much needed video seminar! More on this topic soon...