PHILDHRRA Celebrates 25 Years

The Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas is a network of seventy-two non-government organizations involved in various development activities in rural communities nationwide. PhilDHRRA held it's silver anniversary celebration at the Bayview Hotel in Manila for four days. Important guests, politicians, sponsors, former members and founders graced the event and some were honored for their noble initiatives. A tapestry artwork (photo above) was created by the NGO members as the symbol of their commitment to PhilDHRRA's mission and vision towards Philippine progress. As the official photog, yours truly found the four-day celebration hectic as speakers and reactors were showcased, plus a studio setup was simultaneously installed for portraitures. Activities were not confined to Bayview though: an "Amazing Race" outdoor activity found me running around Manila and Intramuros with the participants, moreover the celebration was also held at the Heritage Hotel one formal night with a studio setup installed there too. Whew! It's just too much for moi but I made it. My backup photog in Francis and my trusty assistant Ding made my work endurable and enjoyable too. Thanks guys! I made it fun for all the participants inspite of serious national issues that were discussed (like the Mindanao crisis) regarding PhilDHRRA's stand. Here's looking forward to another 25 years-salud!

Basic Photography is Nationally Certified

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA is the Philippine government's arm that provides skill development of the labor, local government units and technical-vocational institutions of the country's human resources. The recent five-day assessors course at the TESDA headquarters for prospective assessors was completed and yours truly is honored to be qualified as one of the first national photography assessor. Any photographer who needs certification for basic photography (for employment, documentation, etcetera) can take an assessment exam at TESDA-certified photo testing centers, like the FPPF in Intramuros soon. The TESDA Photography NC 2 certification is recognize by any country the Philippines have bilateral relations with, hence its significance. So more photo test centers will be established nationwide in the future. Other industries recently promulgated by TESDA are ballroom dancing, 2-D animation, 3-D animtion, shoe making, medical transcription and metalworks. What stressed me during the seminar was the fact that I had to do an "instant" photo/video presentation on behalf of our group one day. Good thing that I had my laptop and that my Kodak digicam has a video mode! The other photo assessors also contributed footages. Have a look at our works by clicking on the video window above. Hey TESDA, videography needs to be promulgated too y'know.

CCTF In Action In Coron Island

The Children's Chance For Tomorrow Foundation, or CCFT is founded by the beloved American in Mr. Peter Baldwin, whom the orphants fondly call "tatay Pete" or daddy Peter in Tagalog. The foundation runs under the loving directorship of Ms. Michelle Abayari (the lady in sunglasses above)-thank you for making my work and stay very profitable yet comfy. And thank you Mr. Baldwin for your heart of gold towards the abandoned. With seven hectersof inspiring real estate, I found myself darting around for shots for CCTF's international advertising campaign. The CCTF is surprisingly self-sufficient: an infermary, nursery, swiming pools, international kinder and grade schools, kitchen, dormitories, chapel, small farm, CCTV security, etcetera-even WiFi! The island is attractingtourists and sea divers, hence, the frenzied development going on. But I enjoyed the bumpy dirt roads to the foundation but my equipment might not. Soon all dirt roads in Coron will have been history.

VICTO's National Conference Held in Manila

Visayas Cooperative Central Fund Federation or VICTO held a jumpstart conference at the Diamond Hotel and opened it's new Mandaluyong office at the GA Tower building. This notable and growing Visayan cooperative is making positive waves nationwide with innovative programs geared towards nation-building. There is light at the end of the Philippine economic tunnel of despair. May VICTO be the number one coop in Asia!