November Cruise Ship Photography Workshop

Ahoy maties!!! For those young guns who think that they what it takes, then, here is your opportunity to prove it: earn U$Dollars, travel around the world and meet new and interesting people. Be a professional cruise ship photographer! Only the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) offers it now in our islands: The next Cruise Ship workshop will be on Febuary 2011. Cheers!

GEARTALK: For Manual Focus Maniacs' Eyes Only

Being a crazed manual-focus oriented photographer, I "feel" much more fulfilled at heart knowing full-well that my human fingers helped created that image. But yours truly isn't blessed with 21/21 vision. And as a DX (cropped-framed DSLR) user it's hard to achieve perfect manual focus all the time without the aid of our in-camera's focus dot indicator helping out. Recent purchases of the Travor split image focusing screen and Seculine U-13C universal magnifying eyepiece is a boon to OC photogs-like moi. These accessories, coupled with in-cam focus indicator has upped my sharp focusing accuracy to approximately 60% (from 30%). With the 1.3x magnification of the U-13C I can confidently look at a slightly bigger viewfinder coupled with the aid of the split-image screen. BTW it takes guts and a steady hand to remove your focusing screen, and attach the new. Now to muster the cojones to manually focus during an actual paid project (static or slow-moving stuffs only)! I'm just curious if there's a 2x angle finder in the market that can improve my batting average? I forsee that liveview wth a 4x digitally magnified center area (only) can be very promising.

Judging At The Camera Club Of The Philippines

When the most prestigious and oldest camera club in the land invites you to judge their monthly photo contest, then get ready to work hard and fast! Their entries are voluminous and of high visual impact. I'm talking about the vaunted Camera Club of the Philippines (CCP). From the posh Rockwell Club in Makati city, to the quality photo entries, to their famous guest model (Maui Taylor) for the night's photo's a tough class act for any camera club to emulate. Did I mentioned the CCP's elite members? Many thanks to the gracious Dr. Castro for inviting moi and art director Frando Culata (foreground). I found the atmosphere politely impressive. Kudos to the photo contest winners!

More Graduating Photographers This October

The Federation Of Philippines Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) produces around 200 new, learned photographers every month. What a record! It's the largest and most popular provider of photography workshops in the Philippines-ever. It's an honor for yours truly to regularly lecture, and be a one of several photo contest judge the graduation day of Basic Photography. So, congratulations to the Weekday Basic Photography (October Batch 12) participants. May you spread the luv of photography far and wide. Mwah!

Exclusive TKL Strobist Lighting Seminar

The Team Kicker Light camera club through the FPPF invited moi to conduct a one day Strobist Lighting workshop for their esteemed group. It's tough on my part to come up with new lighting techniques for this people for they are a mixture of advanced and beginner strobist. So let's learn from each other and have fun in the process guys!

Soon To Come: Two Stops Over

Eeyyy! The Philippines' first-ever TV show on photography will be airing on November 7, 2010. Please check this out:! Let's hope and pray for more photography shows like this as they spur our creative industry and contribute to nation-building. B-)

A Master Photography Director Passes Away

Jose Emmanuel Chua (or just "Jo") passed away on August 26, 2010 due to the cumulative effects of his asthma. He was the photo/creative director of (defunct) Shadow Visual Design Group, Inc. located in Makati city. His ash remains are in the Christ The King Seminary (in the Garden of Divine Word), along E. Rodriguez, Quezon city. I was belatedly informed by Jo's nephew Jandric. Master Jo, thank you for allowing moi to have my practicum stint in your cool photo/design studio! I learned many techniques during this summer job. Rest in peace now, sir, and enjoy the heavenly buddies there.

October Wedding Photography Workshop

Read all about it. Yours truly and Jomel Gregorio be the main speakers for this photo workshop. Please refer to interested friends. Thank you.

Nikon And Epson Workshop In Davao-GRATIS!

The best things in life are truly free! Check this advertisement out.

Photo Safari In Corregidor

Y'know, it breaks my heart that I couldn't attend this open invitation from the dear folks of the Nikon Club. This photo safari collides with the FPPF's Strobist Lighting workshop in Intramuros, Manila that yours truly will conduct. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal...

Thanks To NPC, CDSC, JR Bobifacio And Epson

Turning Your Hobby In Photography To Business

The Nikon Club Philippines (NCP) is pleased to announce the next Monthly Seminar Series this September 2010: Photography Commerce with yours truly as guest speaker! It all starts 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN at the EPSON Head Office, 8/F Anson's Building, 23 ADB avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig city. Thanks to Columbia Digital Star Corporation and Epson Philippines for the invitation. See you there!

FPPF's Cebu Photo Workshop Highlights

Many thanks to the efficient Iggy Salazar-one of the FPPF's national organizer. Our workshop ran so smooth without a hitch. Ador Pamintuan and Joey Tanedo along with moi powered the lecture/demo series. New to my repertoire was the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS)! Many thanks to the Cebuanos' magnificent hospitality! We hope to be back again! I just wished someone would take some beauty shots and videos of moi at work heh, heh, heh! Never mind.

Laguna Photography Seminar Poster

Here is a poster I shot for the Sta. Rosa, Laguna photo workshop. I convinced Penny Calalang-one of the FPPF's national organizer to post printads, posters and a billboard announcing any workshop beforehand so as to have as many participants possible. FPPF's art director Frando Culata did the final layout. Now, Mr. Calalang, wasn't it all worth the while? I intend to put out new visuals (of my own) for the FPPF's wedding and cruise ship photo workshops...stay tuned!

The 1st FPPF Strobist Graduates 2010!

Humble beginnings are often a steep, uphill climb with roadblocks litering the way. Such was the 1st FPPF Strobist Workshop last week. Twenty-three paxs attended the lighting seminar. Many thanks for Brian Lee (man behind the umbrella) who single-handedly produced the logistics necessary to launched this seminar. What a selfless FPPF executive, indeed, who went over and beyond the call of duty. Credit also goes to Columbia Digital's Andy Tan, JR Bonifacio and Ricky Ladia for providing the Nikon gears for students to try. Also muchas gracias to the sexy model in Joan Mazo. Let's hope this workshop snowballs into a huge, rolling success. Congratulations all participants especially to the OTS winners in Ricky and Rhoda! Aside from their medals, they won an 8Gb Sandisk Ultra CF card-a first in FPPF gift awards! May you spread the gospel of strobist lighting in our country! LOL

Photo Lecture With FPPF Grads

Every graduating Basic Photography Workshop batch of the FPPF allows moi to empower these future pro photogs to become even better by lecturing on their last workshop day on the following topics: Digital Workflow, Strobist Lighting and Basic Adobe Photoshop CS. Too bad there is no more real estate spaces on their FPPF Certificates of completion for me to sign on due to sundry lecturers' signatures crowding the said certificates heh, heh, heh! Goes to show you that the FPPF has many experts nurturing these artists-hence, the best photo workshop in the Asia-bar none! Congratz to Batch 22-may you be one of the best photogs in the world guys!

September Strobist Lighting Workshop Here!

Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) is holding a Strobist Lighting Workshop this Saturday, September 4, 2010 at the FPPF Studio, 302-Annex, 3rd Floor FEMII Bldg., A. Soriano St., Intramuros, Manila. Yours truly will be conducting the one-day workshop which will feature various portable lighting techniques, using the off-camera flash to create eye-catching photographs. Please visit this link for more info. Those interested to join may call the FPPF at 524-7576 to reserve a seat. Workshop fee is P1,500 only. You may REGISTER ONLINE. See you there!

Our Legacy Project Is Still In The Works (Again)

If all goes well, Dan Pamintuan and moi will launch the Philippines' 30-minute TV show on photography entitled: Maximum Exposure. Please pray with us that this will broadcast this year. This brainchild of ours is two years old now in the making. Lack of capital is our main challenge. Ironically, this show is supposedly meant to energize the local creative sector-financially and artistically. Oh well, it's still perfectly legal to dream dreams. But I know that there are similar projects by others that must succeed for the greater benefit our industry. Good luck to all of us!

FPPF Workshop Going To Davao This August

Watch out Davao residents! The FPPF will be gracing your land to conduct a Basic Photography workshop there. You may register online at: See y'all there!

FPPF's August Wedding Photography Workshop

Congratulations to the participants of the FPPF's Wedding Photography Workshop of August 16-19, 2010 held in Fort Santiago Park, Intramuros, Manila. May you be one of the best wedding photogs in the world! Many thanks to pro wedding photog in Jomel Gregorio for helping out in the FPPF's wedding photo workshop. Also to Fr. Arthur who posed as the wedding priest. He's a real priest who hails all the way from Rome, Italy! God bless you more Father Art!

Nikon's Camera Club @ 2 Years

Here's a camera club that charges the least amount of yearly dues in the Philippines: Nikon Club! Php 750 per annum-why pay more? Please inform moi if any camera club charges lower. It's the perfect camera club for everyone-actually...celebrating two years of existence. Were it not for my Cebu weekend workshop I would gladly witness their celebration! Congratulations Nikon Club-more power and creative longevity to you! I'm with you in spirit bebe.

Alternative Fine Arts Photography Exhibit

My great photography mentor, Dr. Joey Tanedo-asst. dean of the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines (Diliman, Quezon city) launches another solo exhibit. This Filipino master of photography can blend the old and new school of imaging seamlessly. His quiet demeanor and quiet presence in the photo industry belies his artistic fire within. A generous and educational drinking buddy, he is a spectacle to behold when this grand master launches into an academic, intellectual, artistic discourse (on the arts-of course) in alcoholic stupor. Congratulations yet again sir-let's drink up to that!