Tamara Ferrer is at One

Here is the little princes in Tamara Ferrer who just celebrated her first birthday in Greenbelt III, at the Bubba Gump restaurant. The statuesque mom/diva is Johanna, who I think Tamara will look like when she blooms into a young lady. Close family and relatives enjoyed the food, fun and friendship that filled that Sunday afternoon. May you have many more blessed birthdays to come Tamarra!

Joe is Picture Perfect

Last week the Manila Bulletin notified me that they will feature moi as the photographer of the week in their Picture Perfect pullout page on September 23, Tuesday (top photo). But then, I initially found myself hastily compiling some portfolio of mine. I was also notified to submit a photo of my equipment-which I almost forgot. Then, at the last minute I remembered that I haven't photographed my gears yet! So I woke up at 2AM last Thursday (Sept. 18) and did my best to present my beloved, humble "toys" (photo above). I used the Fuji S3Pro to photographed my Nikon DSLR. Well, Picture Perfect didn't show my gears but instead used this photo of my workspace (photo below). And these gears belong to my good mentor in Mr. Bug Nieva. Nevertheless I use similar gears like my master's. Thank you Ms. Eduviges Huang for the referral. Please copy and paste these links to your 'net browser for your reading pleasure if you missed that fateful issue:
Since I have been featured in a major daily I hope it's not downhill from here! Heh heh heh!

Ednah Ledesma's Winning Form

World-class and professional ballroom dancer Ms. Ednah Ledesma posed in front of my lens along with her high-energy ballroom partners in Miguel and Cil. Feast your eyes on their gracefulness and sexiness. I sure felt like an awkward, camera-wielding gorilla with these fine artists.

General Motors at 100 Years

GM celebrated 100 years of car innovations at the One Esplanade building in Manila. Our beloved VP in Mr. Noli De Castro graced the centinial. I immediately fell in love with the black Corvette Sting Ray in the showcase. If only GM would revive the Sting Ray with the hybrid engine...ooh la la!

Ballerinas of the Dancentre 2008

Just "hot off the press" are some lovely images I have shot for the Dancentre which Iwould like to hare with you. These images will only appear in their November souvenir program. Their November recital is strictly by invitation only. In the first photo above you can see our setup and hard work perfecting the poses with artistic director Ms. Effie Nanas.

Thematic Wedding of Noel And Mervy

Noel is a faculty at the U.P. College of Fine Arts while Mervy is a sculpture artist.The lovely couple are shy, gentle and warm. And the dress code demands a 1930's Filipinan nostalgic look. But underneath these formal facade of theirs are creative energies just waiting to be revealed. Heck, Noel even posed with the Manila Hotel guard for their portraites. I won't be surprised in the future if their children will have become artists too. May their tribe increase. Have a look at some of their portraitures.

Haute Cuisine for this Haloween

What's great about food photography (sometimes) is that you can in fact eat the food products after the shoot-provided that the food is real and not artificially "enhanced" by a foodstylist with some chemicals. My food shot of Cafe Mondial's Halloween special will be featured in MOD magazine's October issue. If you want to "trick or treat" someone special this Halloween with European gourment food innovations without burning a hole in your wallet then visit Mondial at the Pasig Silver City along Julio Vargas street. Yummy-licious indeed!

Grand Opening for SM Marikina Mall

Capturing the "money-shot" of all the VIPs simultaneously cutting ribbons with the media hordes (plus all kinds of photographers) crowding just literally inches away from the stage is a horrific nightmare. To join the claustrophobic mob meant being elbowed around and having bad composition with lots of heads, hands and cameras in my viewfinder with the subjects. So I opted for a higher elevation shot (photo above) with my 55-200mm zoom lense. Hmm, I just wonder how the gang manged all those chaotic visual obstructions? This is a call for all "expert" event managers to pretty please setup an authorized shooting area for the media (and all photogs included) the next time around. Only thus can everybody be dignified and compliment any snazzy stage (like the photo below) to come. Well how I wish, eh?...

Memorial Anniversary

Mrs. Geronima Que is fondly remembered by family and friends. I covered the memorial mass at the Manila Peninsula hotel and the Chinese Cemetery visitation. We even went to her hometown in Bulacan as a mass was celebrated on Mrs. Que's behalf.