Akari Batt Boy Print Ad

My first Akari Batt Boy (ABB) print ad. Let's patronize and support Philippine-made products as we are able. Happy Holidays, folks! (Art Director: Fando Culata, Photography: Ador Pamintuan, Producers: Brian Lee/FPPF/Akari)

Billboard Ad Shoot With Speedlights

Question: Can you shoot a billboard just using Nikon Speedlights? Answer: yes you can! This billboard is now showing at the EDSA Shangri-la Mall facing the EDSA highway. Happy 15th beer-day CCA!


The new Nikon V1 & J1 was released yesterday in SM North Mall (Annex, 4th floor, Nikon Concept Boutique). I like the V1 with it's built-in electronic viewfinder: no need to buy it separately. A new hotshoe is there for external flash, so it makes me wonder how can a strobist play with it with multiple Speedlights off camera. It's not too small or too big in size, so handling it is a pleasure. It has the greatest auto focus tracking to boot! I can't wait on the new lens adapter accessory to come out as it'll auto focus any AF-S Nikon lenses I already have. It's a great backup camera for any Nikon photographer bent on saving precious weight. Many thanks to Columbia Digital Star for the product launch invitation! Wish I could play with it more...
Happy Holidays to our last 2011 batch of strobist lighting participants in the FPPF! May you show the world on how to light properly. Stay tuned for our 2012 schedule, folks.
Merry Christmas to my wacky FPPF colleagues!

Camerageek TV Webpage Photo & Design

After completing one season, our Camerageek TV (CGTV) show is now on indefinite hiatus as we recollect on what we have done and where do we want to go from here-as we settle accounts with the TV network channel NET 25. Meanwhile I'd like to reflect on our old URL design that our director Dan Pamintuan maintains. BTW Dan is also a photographer credited for shooting Paolo Solarz and Yours truly in the Masthead design. I shot the lovely Meg and Kate. For compositing the images I used Abobe Photoshop CS5 and for layout: Corel X3. All print materials were done using just these 2 programs. Of course Nikon gears were used for the photography. Thanks to the CGTV team, director Dan Pamintuan and NET 25 for making our dream TV show possible! Just visit our site here to replay those happy episodes. Cheers!

CCA Website Photography

As a freelance artist, sometimes you and your clients are perpetually busy as bees with one project after another that we all fail to notice and appreciate the completed artworks (hard work) that we all have done. I stumbled upon the Center for Culinary Arts' blog here that has my old photograph as the main visual in the banner of the site for sometime now. There are more print advertising materials I shot for CCA and will post them as soon as they email me my copy for my portfolio. For photography production I always use Nikon gears FYI.

Reminder: Year-end Photography Workshops

Year 2011 is closing to make way for the new year again! Please remind anyone interested that my Strobist Lighting Workshop will be held on Dec. 17-18. And the world's only International Cruise Ship Photography Workshop on Dec. 13-15. For more info please hit the jump here. Kudos to my great workshop organizer: the FPPF, and many thanks to my participants who attended! May your photography enrich your lives forevermore.