November Cruise Ship Photography Workshop

Ahoy maties!!! For those young guns who think that they what it takes, then, here is your opportunity to prove it: earn U$Dollars, travel around the world and meet new and interesting people. Be a professional cruise ship photographer! Only the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) offers it now in our islands: The next Cruise Ship workshop will be on Febuary 2011. Cheers!

GEARTALK: For Manual Focus Maniacs' Eyes Only

Being a crazed manual-focus oriented photographer, I "feel" much more fulfilled at heart knowing full-well that my human fingers helped created that image. But yours truly isn't blessed with 21/21 vision. And as a DX (cropped-framed DSLR) user it's hard to achieve perfect manual focus all the time without the aid of our in-camera's focus dot indicator helping out. Recent purchases of the Travor split image focusing screen and Seculine U-13C universal magnifying eyepiece is a boon to OC photogs-like moi. These accessories, coupled with in-cam focus indicator has upped my sharp focusing accuracy to approximately 60% (from 30%). With the 1.3x magnification of the U-13C I can confidently look at a slightly bigger viewfinder coupled with the aid of the split-image screen. BTW it takes guts and a steady hand to remove your focusing screen, and attach the new. Now to muster the cojones to manually focus during an actual paid project (static or slow-moving stuffs only)! I'm just curious if there's a 2x angle finder in the market that can improve my batting average? I forsee that liveview wth a 4x digitally magnified center area (only) can be very promising.