Pump-up Your Photography With the ICSPW

Thanks to the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) we have our very own International Cruise Ship Photography Workshop (ICSPW) held on a monthly basis in Intramuros, Manila with yours truly as lecturer. Participants are prospective world-class, professional ship photogs covering events aboard popular cruise lines worldwide. This unique seminar will also affect and revolutionize the way you manage clients, wedding coverages and photography in general. It's a workshop you have never experienced before so hang on if you do join as we rock the boat!

Design: BVW Calling Cards

Recently BVW commissioned moi to redesign their 2009 corporate calling card. Their concept was to have their individual images reflected in the main visual-which is a female's eye. Of course I had to manipulate this effect in Adobe Photoshop. Photography was by Bug Nieva of BVW. Yours truly did the design and image manipulation. Truly the human eye is still the classic icon for photography and videography because it's the unspoken benchmark in bio-electro technology when it comes to image capture. We can all thank the Master Photographer up there for such feats! And don't forget BVW if you need any printad campaign photography for your company or institution.

Old Telecom Printads At Hand

Remeber these old printads? Well I just happen to have them after waiting for two years! Thanks to BVW studios I have the opportunity to freelance as an advertising photographer. But boy it takes months and years to get the finished (and published) product! Having a good relationships with the ad agencies of the SMART teleco is a must securing a soft copy of your photographs in their perfected glory for public consumption.
Congratulations to Odie and Bingle for consummating their wedding vows in Tagaytay, Cavite. Thanks to the ever-gentle photographer in Dewey Sergio the coverage was a pleasure to do. Reception was held at the sprawling Canyon Woods Resort. The rains almost spoiled their outdoor portraits-good thing the venue is blessed with picturesque views everywhere! Armed with out off-cam flash unites we were just dying to shoot their formals. Blessed couple indeed!