Judging At The Camera Club Of The Philippines

When the most prestigious and oldest camera club in the land invites you to judge their monthly photo contest, then get ready to work hard and fast! Their entries are voluminous and of high visual impact. I'm talking about the vaunted Camera Club of the Philippines (CCP). From the posh Rockwell Club in Makati city, to the quality photo entries, to their famous guest model (Maui Taylor) for the night's photo shoot...it's a tough class act for any camera club to emulate. Did I mentioned the CCP's elite members? Many thanks to the gracious Dr. Castro for inviting moi and art director Frando Culata (foreground). I found the atmosphere politely impressive. Kudos to the photo contest winners!

More Graduating Photographers This October

The Federation Of Philippines Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) produces around 200 new, learned photographers every month. What a record! It's the largest and most popular provider of photography workshops in the Philippines-ever. It's an honor for yours truly to regularly lecture, and be a one of several photo contest judge the graduation day of Basic Photography. So, congratulations to the Weekday Basic Photography (October Batch 12) participants. May you spread the luv of photography far and wide. Mwah!

Exclusive TKL Strobist Lighting Seminar

The Team Kicker Light camera club through the FPPF invited moi to conduct a one day Strobist Lighting workshop for their esteemed group. It's tough on my part to come up with new lighting techniques for this people for they are a mixture of advanced and beginner strobist. So let's learn from each other and have fun in the process guys!

Soon To Come: Two Stops Over

Eeyyy! The Philippines' first-ever TV show on photography will be airing on November 7, 2010. Please check this out: www.twostopsover.com! Let's hope and pray for more photography shows like this as they spur our creative industry and contribute to nation-building. B-)

A Master Photography Director Passes Away

Jose Emmanuel Chua (or just "Jo") passed away on August 26, 2010 due to the cumulative effects of his asthma. He was the photo/creative director of (defunct) Shadow Visual Design Group, Inc. located in Makati city. His ash remains are in the Christ The King Seminary (in the Garden of Divine Word), along E. Rodriguez, Quezon city. I was belatedly informed by Jo's nephew Jandric. Master Jo, thank you for allowing moi to have my practicum stint in your cool photo/design studio! I learned many techniques during this summer job. Rest in peace now, sir, and enjoy the heavenly buddies there.