Hanson Fong "Unplugged" At The PWA 2011

PhotoWorld Asia 2011 is a resounding success! Kudos to the FPPF's Edi Huang, Lito Beltran, Betty Lalana, and many nameless volunteers for producing such a successful event, thus, raising the bar in Philippine photography even more.

The main speaker in Hanson Fong-America's premier wedding photographer (WPPI) made a great impact on yours truly. Unlike most famous photographers, Hanson divulged shooting techniques in great detail regarding posing (body types, facial imperfections...), and lighting (strobist, mix lighting, etc.) by hand-picking less-comely PWA audiences for solo portraits and group shots on the spot! Thank those brave souls for bearing up to Hanson's brutal, artistic, public critique! But ever the gentleman, he's also a diplomatic comedian-so everyone had a good time!

His artistic styles, post-processing workflow and marketing tips are eye-openers indeed. Mr. Fong was honest enough to reveal how he learned from many master mentors along his journey. A million thanks, master Fong! Thus, it evolves my photography and workshops.

Three cheers for Ms. Huang for making Hanson's third Philippine appearance possible! Forget not Julieanne Kost for the creative pointers using Abobe softwares. Filipino photographers got more than what they bargained for!

GEAR TALK: Speedfire Your Speedlights!

Now you can shoot with your Speedlights (ideally, indoors only) without worrying if your AA batts were charged the day before! The reason to celebrate more is that this AC power supply is made here in our Philippines! Hit this link with joy! Many thanks to fellow-strobist Bobby Parhizkari for the heads up. Kudos to inventor Mon Castillo!

Good News To Aspiring Freelance Photogs

From Napoleon Beltran: "I am launching the Professional Group of Photoworldmanila (PGP). It will be a network of photographers who share the same values as photographers and believe in the four elements of photography, which are creativity, technical excellence, design and service. Photoworldmanila has just turned PRO."

To my understanding, PGP will evaluate prospective photographers according to specialization and match appropriate clients that approach the FPPF for imaging solutions. BTW it's also open to FPPF faculty and former FPPF students. Now budding shutterbugs have a veritable springboard into the pro industry. Kudos to Nap and the FPPF!

Happy, Happy, Happy 2011!

Greeting everyone a happy and prosperous new year again! 'Twas a hectic December 2010 with weddings to cover, photo workshops to conduct and too many more to mention. Hence, my neglected blog. I guess that's how my net life will play out, regarding year-end entries.

Now shooting fireworks definitely requires you to bring a bulky tripod. But this past New Year's eve I had no intension shooting fireworks near the Mall of Asia park. But when 2011 came, I had no choice but to dutifully (try valiantly to) record the fireworks display. So, I just laid down on the grass and leaned my Nikon DSLR with kit lens on my palm and forehead, then fired away. Ey, they look okay...even semi-hand-held! Thanks to Nikon's Vibration Reduction (VR) camera technology.

My settings: ISO 100, manual focus (focused to infinity) f/13, 4 seconds, AWB and JPEG Fine. Here's a tip: it's always best to shoot fireworks with a sturdy tripod and in RAW format.