FPPF Wedding Photography Workshop '09

Due to queries about a regular Philippine wedding photography workshop, the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPPF) established their official FPPF Wedding Photography Workshop. This seminar will transform any amateur wedding photographer into a confident professional hopeful. IMHO my name should be downplayed in the poster's copy compared to the great Vic Sison and Ador Pamintuan-but there you have it! If you know someone interested please register them here. Slots are very limited-so please hurry. Thank you very much and see y'all!

One Workshop Studio Has A New Haven

One Workshop, Inc., upgraded to a better location at 1101 MTR Building, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City (across Philippine Daily INQUIRER). But multi-awarded creative director Ross Capili has an alternative, hidden haven where he does serious works of art. There I appreciated important pointers Ross gave me in describing his unique and impressive style of fine art photography and mix media. To my pleasant surprise Ross is also friend to my uncle Fred Llongoren-the premier Filipino water color artist. His secret haven is a photo studio/museum/gallery/living room-all rolled into one. Muchas gracias Senor Capili!

A Nation In Need Of Great Leaders

Here are raw, unedited photos of mine depicting the trials of some Pasig city residents still enduring the trapped flood waters long after typhoon Ondoy left days ago! Hence some areas of the country are experiencing the same misery. If we Filipinos don't get our act together in executing tough environmental laws, exercise political will, elect just (and competent) officials and plan our cities intelligently...then, expect needless sufferings again. Because in a Democracy we elect the government we deserve. The clear and present dangers aren't terrorists or typhoons...it's us! B-(