Graceful Strenght & Beauty in Motion

Effie Nanas' Dancentre studio (at the Shangri-la Mall) trains some of the most talented, beautiful and graceful Filipina ballerinas today. Equally elegant is their colorful 2009 souvenir program for which I shot their advertisements and covers again. Their successful U.S. tour this year is testament to Effie's world-class discipline in the art of classical ballet. Congratulations ladies!

PMTV Title Cards

Director and video editor Gilbert Obispo hired moi to do some of Philip Morris' video newsletter's title cards. Instead of your typical printed, corporate newsletter Gilbert proposed the dynamic "music television-newsletter" concept to PM and the rest, as they say, is history. The title cards serve as headlines before an article is presented by sexy female video disk jockeys (VJs). I thank Gilbert for the artistic diversion from my typical shooting schedule.

Wet Wet Shoots in Zambales

The St. Benilde college students of AB Photography had an on-location shoot in Zambales. With moi (below, director of lighting) and fine art photographer in Ross Capili (not shown) as the faculty helm we both demonstrated how to manage a fashion swimwear shoot outside the comforts of a controlled photo studio environment. And uncomfy it became as the weather became boring, uncooperative with drizzle and the sun hid behind clouds. The pax learned important lessons regarding wardrobe, lighting, posing, makeup and equipment, safety and security. Many thanks to models Kino and Jojet for bearing with all of us! Ey is that a tatoo of the Philippine islands on Kino's forearm? Student Richard Chua did all the great shots you see here-well done 'Chard!