See You In Heaven's Photo Studio Eric!

Freelance photographer and good friend Eric Dino just passed away. His remains were at the Santuario de San Antonio, Capilla de la Virgen in Forbes Park, Makati city. He died of asthma and pnemonia complications. Please inform friends who may know him.

Eric is a passionate Nikon knight-he swears by its quality. He aspires to put up his own pro studio someday. Well, in Heaven I'm sure he's now exposed the ultimate high-tech photo equipment and artworks of the Universe that dwarfs any technology we may create! No more expensive upgrades there Eric!

Like Eric the threat of death due to asthma complications stalks yours truly. It humbles me to realize that anyone is just a breath (or heart beat) away from death! Think about this... Hence, no human (photographers included) can pretend to own or control anything. Human life is just too darn short-especially for artists. But I know our Father God plans to have us spend eternity in superior, glorious bodies than we have now...even using infinitely better SLRs too! So we all will see you someday Eric!