Fasten Your Seatbelts: Canon vs Nikon

Nightmares of all photographers’ nightmares: how would you like to be invited and represent Nikon in a seminar daringly entitled: “Canon vs. Nikon”?! This was a first-ever: De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila has always been a stronghold of Canon, so I felt like walking into a photographic ambush as the first speaker. Armed with knowledge, sincerity and personal works...I came, I saw and I conquered! I believe that any presenter’s portfolio (coupled with product testimony) will always outperform any hard-sell presentation. It helps a lot to “walk the walk-not just talk the talk”. But kudos to Antonni Cuesta (a DLSU alumni!) of Canon Philippines for being gracious in speach and comprehensive in presentation (with top gears to demo and free sensor cleaning OTS). Thanks Ad Create Society, Moo Media and Ms. Belle Gutierrez for this “epic” invitation that opened the floodgates to more showdowns with other brand names-soon. Muchas gracias to Mr. Joey Alvero (Canon user) who assisted me with my gears and presentation. We all had a blast learning from one another!