Happy, Happy, Happy 2011!

Greeting everyone a happy and prosperous new year again! 'Twas a hectic December 2010 with weddings to cover, photo workshops to conduct and too many more to mention. Hence, my neglected blog. I guess that's how my net life will play out, regarding year-end entries.

Now shooting fireworks definitely requires you to bring a bulky tripod. But this past New Year's eve I had no intension shooting fireworks near the Mall of Asia park. But when 2011 came, I had no choice but to dutifully (try valiantly to) record the fireworks display. So, I just laid down on the grass and leaned my Nikon DSLR with kit lens on my palm and forehead, then fired away. Ey, they look okay...even semi-hand-held! Thanks to Nikon's Vibration Reduction (VR) camera technology.

My settings: ISO 100, manual focus (focused to infinity) f/13, 4 seconds, AWB and JPEG Fine. Here's a tip: it's always best to shoot fireworks with a sturdy tripod and in RAW format.