Revisiting Graduation Photography

When videographer Dan Pamintuan offered moi the opportunity to do seniors' photography ("grad pic") I couldn't resist getting reliving the past as one of the last studio photographer for the great, late Toch Arellano-the dean of Philippine grad pic. Here are some samples which yours truly shot and retouched for the Adventist University of the Philippines. Because tech progress, a tethered Nikon D300 with a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 was used in tandem with my netbook. For the first time, yours truly used-not studio lights-but small, old Nikon SB27 Speedlights for the hair and background lights. I could have gone full, portable "strobist" studio lighting if Dan challenged me-but that means I'll hafta charge him a little more for my gears in use. Thanks much Dan!