Camera Geek TV Revisited

Our previous photography TV show name "Maximum Exposure" has been replaced with "Camera Geek TV". My partners hope to launch this show early this year-if there are no glitches. Producing and independent TV show is tough! Now meet the zany gangsters hosting our show:
Joe. Yours truly will just be a temporary host until a suitable debonnaire can be hired for cheap. Besides, broken-toothed photogs for show biz must repair their pearly whites immediately. LOL
Tooney. Known freelance wedding photographer with a knack for TV hosting plus good looks are always welcome in this industry. Her lovely, telegenic presence compliments her photography skills, and enticing personality.
Ahh, we have an unknown host I call "ninja" who will go on assignments and review gears. This dude will appear on the show wearing a black ski mask (or a 9" reflector, above), so please warned the studio guards and parking attendants to chillax when the ninja cometh.
Meg. The angel of our photography show. An advance amateur, this lady photog is the perfect host to all kinds of interviewees with sundry temperaments and ideosyncracies. Her wholesomeness keeps our feet firmly on the ground. Welcome aboard, Meg! May the good God of photography finally bless our efforts!