Mounting Your Potato Smasher With Dignity

I luuv my Nikon SB900 so much as to use it as less often as possible. Looking around for other flash units to "wear and tear," I got an old yet powerful Sunpak 544 hammer-type. For those of you strobist with such unit, here's a dignified way to mount your beasty flash: buy the umbrella flash bracket that comes with an extra screw mount (inset photo). Then, attach the hammer's bracket on this extra mount. Tip: bring the bracket closer to the flash head by loosening its bracket screws. Second tip: point the bracket towards the center of the umbrella (photo, above). Now I rest my radio receiver on this plastic bracket with its built-in screw mount. Viola! This way, you can hold the hammer's grip naturally when adjusting the whole umbrella setup! Lookin' good, eh?