GEAR TALK: The N Flash 480 A

Sometimes unique shooting stituations will require you more flash power than our small speedlights can produce, like counter acting that strong back lighting or more depth of field requirements-just to name a few of those difficult strobist shot list. Here's an alternative to stressing our beloved speedlights: the N Flash 480A unit. It has approximatley 480 joules of firepower. This battery powered only unit can save the day (or night) for those above-mentioned shoots. Listed below are highlights of its appeal to moi.

It's a Bowens mount so you can attach all those fanta-bulous (generic and original) Bowens light mods abundantly available locally here today! This strobe also has 500 watts modelling lamp to boot and a sturdy metal case-so it doesn't feel cheap to hold.
Li-ion cylindrical battery keeps the unit tapered and sleek. Although it just does 300 charging cycles, you can procure backup batts for only Php 5,000. When I had my old Photon unit, yours truly averages approximately 15 charges on a busy year so it's still value for money IMHO compared to competition.
Ah! A cold shoe terminal is great if you choose to trip the flash with your personal RF trigger, otherwise you can conveniently use N Flash's built-in RF trigger system that comes with it's own transmitter. Shown in the photo above is a Daisy relay with my Flash Wave 3 unit with the N Flash's trigger. Nifty indeed!
The N Flash's metal lightstand mount is solid metal. You can replace the lightstand mount with a supplied metal pistol grip for those "run and gun" shoots. It comes with a 3 inch reflector, aluminum case, straps, extra modeling light, li-ion battery and charger cord.
It's LCD display is definitly an upgrade to my old Photon, plus it has stroboscopic control! On top of the casing is the slave cell for universal infrared triggering. Highly recommended to all strobists. It's price tag is Php 32,000 only-just a little more than your top speedlight. But at 680 full power pops on a full charge with a 3.5 sec recycling time-it's very good enough for pro photography work. Moreover, it's 1/10th of a stop accurate shoot-to-shoot at full power! Let's hear if there are competitors up to snuff here. Now what a monster of a backup this is!

To order just contact Myke:
Cellphone: 0917-539-06-19
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