Professional Wedding Photography

Yes I do!...professional wedding photography, that is...since 2002 in Miami, Florida. Yours truly even have been conducting wedding photography workshops in the famous Fort Santiago under the FPPF since 2011. Recent teaching commitments (photography-of course) with the University of the Philippines (College of Fine Arts) and St. Benilde's School of Design and Arts have found me happiest. And I owe most of my photo and teaching skills to Bug Nieva and in the late Victor Aquino. Unbeknown to most: yours truly is training the next generation of pro wedding photographers in the land!

Wedding photography is that rare genre of photography (like in advertising photography) that incorporates other disciplines of photography under tight time constraints, with no time for reshoots! To keep sharp and updated, I shoot weddings by servicing famous photo studios in need of a helping hand (as schedule allows). Most of the studios I service prohibit moi from posting photos due to branding strategies.

I believe in the cliche: teaching is learning twice. And to be a wedding photographer is to be one of the best photographers in the world.

BTW, many thanks to photographer Rodel Diaz for hiring moi for covering Boogie and Tin's wedding (photos above) under the Team Diaz Photography.