Radical Make-over By Nina Dumpa

Welcome Ms. Nina Dumpa (http://ninadumpa.multiply.com) for that ultra glitz-glam look that you've been dying to have for very special moments, parties, etcetera...or even for your portfolio image boost. Nina created a new hair and make-up look for model in Joan Mazo's portfolio (www.geocities.com/joanscape18). The very capable Nina is trained in Hollywood, CA so she can do prosthetics for movies! She also worked in a US salon so her endurance is herculean to behold! Kudos Nina! Now Joan looks better than Beyonce! For all of Joan's photographs I used available light and a Nikon flash. Only one lense was used: the 50mm f1.8 Nikkor. Pictorial vernue was at Nina's Makati condo.