Ballet Dancers of Effie Nañas

Retouching 96 portraites of ballet dancers including instructors of the Dancentre in just three days was stressful for moi. Here are some samples after retouching them. The absence of a hair/makeup stylist is evident in the images so I had to post-process all photos in a photoshop software. I’d like to thank ballerinas Yves, Sandra and Dominique for helping me out identify, schedule, “doll-up” all ballerinas, plus photo edit for the two day photo sessions. Their photos will be published in the upcoming 2008 souvenier program.

To capture all ballerinas and save time, the Dancentre owner Effie suggested that I setup my studio in the extremely cramped dressing/comfort room of the studio while clases are going on! I’m amazed to know just how busy the students’ schedules can become-except during ballet classes. It was almost claustrophobic for everyone involved that my assistant can’t even come in to help me out. Have a look!