Our Little, Hidden Paradise in Tagaytay

The Department of Tourism needed images of spa, wellness and theraputic tourism, which is in vogue for enticing visitors here. Merci beaucoup to Lito Beltran for selecting me as advertising photographer for this project. Derek Ramsey, one of the sexiest of the male Pinoy species, posed in front of my lens, and so did aspiring model in Elaine with the polite staff of Paradis. Kudos to Le Petite Paradis or "Little Paradise" for lending us their manicured grounds as our nirvanic backdrop. Words fail to describe that expansive view of Taal volcano set on a lake that sprawls so magnificently in Paradis...the perfect haven to recover from your liposculpture. He he he! BTW Paradis is equipped with the latest facilities for cosmetic surgery. It's true that Paradis has recently earned high praises from a famous (rude!) travel critic-and to think that this same foreigner published vicious reviews about our land in the past. Proof that our Paradis can regenerate the jaded and disenchanted too. Paradis' head chef and kitchen deserves a red Michelin star for the tastiest porkchop steak-ever. Soon the best bistro in Tagaytay will have been completed in Paradis and a cable car installed to transport guests. It's not totally open to the public, but if the owners decide to accept you as their guest, please take care that you don’t accidentally step on the paw of their gigantic yet gentle pet wolf.