Joe is Picture Perfect

Last week the Manila Bulletin notified me that they will feature moi as the photographer of the week in their Picture Perfect pullout page on September 23, Tuesday (top photo). But then, I initially found myself hastily compiling some portfolio of mine. I was also notified to submit a photo of my equipment-which I almost forgot. Then, at the last minute I remembered that I haven't photographed my gears yet! So I woke up at 2AM last Thursday (Sept. 18) and did my best to present my beloved, humble "toys" (photo above). I used the Fuji S3Pro to photographed my Nikon DSLR. Well, Picture Perfect didn't show my gears but instead used this photo of my workspace (photo below). And these gears belong to my good mentor in Mr. Bug Nieva. Nevertheless I use similar gears like my master's. Thank you Ms. Eduviges Huang for the referral. Please copy and paste these links to your 'net browser for your reading pleasure if you missed that fateful issue:
Since I have been featured in a major daily I hope it's not downhill from here! Heh heh heh!