Bingle and Odie Pre-nupt in Tagaytay

Dewey Sergio of the Alpha Camera Club and moi found ourselves shooting Ms. Bingle and SPO4 Odie for their pre-nuptial photographs at the Grand Canyon Woods in Tagaytay. (Dewey is one of the few, winningest photogs who made a career in topping many major photo contests locally for years like Chito Cleofas). The weather that day swung from sweltering hot to a cool drizzle whimsically like a yo-yo. It’s always fun to shoot with Dewey who brought a huge, white translucent studio umbrella to act as a “Scrim Jim” to block the harsh sunlight during pictorials (and with which was my protection against the rude drizzle and direct sunlight). Thanks much Dewey! See you in their wedding celebration.