Alfred "Toch" A. Arellano Passes Away

The Dean of Philippine Graduation Photography, Mr. Toch Arellano passed away early Sunday morning at 2:10 AM due to his 11th stroke. He was 55 years old. He is survived by his wife Laarni Villamater-Arellano and daughter Sophia. The avenue for the vigil is at the Marianne Funeral Homes along Marcos Highway. Burial will be held in the Heritage Park on May 21. Personally, Toch was my ex-boss, friend and mentor though we had disagreements, I still thank our Father God for him. His photography has touched so many lives-and it’s very evident: whenever I would accompany him to posh places where people who happen to read his name (like managers, waiters, etcetera) they would always introduce themselves and remind Toch that his studio did their expensive grad pics. Such spectacles never cease to amaze me and I’m not sure if he enjoyed them all the time! We will miss you Toch.