Top Secret Philippine Attack Ship

I don't mean to spoil the news but here I am melting in the sun in the middle of Manila Bay photographing the Philippine Navy's latest mulit-purpose attack ship during an exercise. It's a very fast and nimble beast that's very appropriate for our islands. I enjoyed the crash stops happening very near our boat heh, heh, heh! Yes you will hear of it in the evening news soon so I don't have to divulge anymore data here. I'd like to thank a photo/video studio in Ortigas for hiring me as their main photog in this mission. IMHO we need a thousand more ships of this caliber (and submarines, and aircraft carriers, plus destroyers, etc.) to guard our porous maritime borders against smugglers, terrorists, drug lords, et al. The sooner, the better! Thanks to Jojo Dionisio for my on-site photo.