ASHA Printad Campaign Published At Last

The Asian School of Hospitality Arts (ASHA) finally released their launch ad which I saw in The Philippine Star publication this month. It just took two short days to shoot this ad with all the photos you see. Later I will post the other shots (not shown) which will comprise the sustaining ads of ASHA. For this ad campaign I used two Nikon SB flash units in tandem with a 1000 w/s studio flash plus ambient light. The senior creative director (CD) instructed me to use strobes to mimic available light-but in a more "stylized" way. It was one of my toughest lighting assignments to date due to a contracted time-frame and cramped locations in the Quezon city area. Did I mention that the CD has worked a lot with Ad Photo and knows photography too? What a great printad! Kudos to CD James Banal concept! Whew!