Miss Taal Beauty Pagent in Batangas Province

Yours truly is thankful for Ms. Edi Huang's invitation for this Miss Taal beauty pagent photo shoot. About a dozen rated photographers graced the event in Batangas province. I was assigned three young candidates with some two male escorts. The formal pictorials were held at famous ancestral homes and museums in the vicinity. Our pictorial was done at the Ylagan-De La Rosa Ancestral house. It certainly is a challenge not to scratch or damage any fine furnishing in such old yet restored houses. My favorite candidate is the 22 year old, graceful and lovely Ms. Maria Paula Janna Santos (Paw) who is a nursing student. Her escort is the shy Rommel. Some photogs momentarily abandoned their assigned candidates to shoot Paw in the swim suit event! And most photogs ignored the strict shot list of the organizers and decided to create their own list! LOL
Here is Dewey and Carlo posing with my assigned candidate. You can see my assistant's arm (upper right corner) holding my old but reliable Nikon SB-27 flash as kicker light. My main off-cam key light is the Nikon SB-80DX dedicated flash. Shooting the swimsuit is difficult due to crowd congestion plus a narrowly hedged pool area.