Philippine History of Photography Exhibit

What made this year’s Photoworld Asia doubly great in Makati city’s posh Glorietta mall was the history of Philippine photography exhibit! You can see local scenes captured when photography was in its infancy up to the Edsa 1986 revolution! What a pleasant and enlightening time-traveling experience indeed. Imagine, I didn’t know bull-fighting was a spectacle in Manila before.

Kudos to the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation Inc. (FPPF) for perpetuating Photoworld Asia annually along with the aide of noble volunteer-members from famous camera clubs! And where else, nationally, can you get your money’s worth when it comes to world-classs photo and video workshops?

I spoke to curator Willy Marbella about the possibility for this exhibit to be shown at the School of Design and Art along with Manny Inumerable’s vast and rare film camera collections, so let’s hope for the best on this one.

A great many thanks for these champions of Philippine photography who contributed in this exhibit: Dennis Araneta, George Bonsay, Sonny Camarillio, Frando Culata, Rafael Guerrero, Manny Inumerable, Ed Santiago, John Silva, Joey Tanedo, John Tewell, Willy Marbella, Joshua Frames and YKL Color, Inc. Never forget the greats of the FPPF: Eduviges Huang, Lito Beltran and Dr. Castro. Without them Photowrold Asia is just but a pipe dream and modern Philippine photography in the “dark ages” still!