Shooting Billboards In JPEG Format!

Impossible you say? Here is the billboard for 2nd Mom Pre-school in Pasig City that I shot with an ordinary Nikon DLSR just using JPEG image files. But if you're not sure with your camera settings (focus, lighting, WB, contrast, sharpening, color space, etc.) then you'd better shoot in RAW format. Because JPEGs have very limited pixel latitude compared to the RAW format, hence it's mandatory to have your photo techniques perfected when shooting with straight JPEGs. Though my common practice when freelancing for ad studios in Makati city is to shoot in RAW+JPEG (fine mode), you can break the "norms" but make sure you're confident enough plus you've earned the trust of competent creatives involved in billboard final artwork layouts. Kudos to direk James Banal for the great concept!