GEAR TALK: New Nikon D800 & D3200 DSLRs

August is a busy month for yours truly testing Nikon's latest innovative DSLR offerings: the 36 MP Nikon D800 FX and the 24 MP Nikon D3200 DX. Both DSLR represent the advent of high resolution cameras that will challenge medium format cameras in the very near future (just a few years back 16 MP was medium format territory, thus, any hi-res DSLR will steal sales). Columbia Digital Star Corp. was able to loan me the D3200 for review as I bought the D800 for studio use. Both bodies will demand only the newest and sharpest f/1.4 to f/2.8 AF-S Nikkor lenses to match their high density sensors. And both cams will demand from any photographer perfect shooting and focusing techniques. Let the megapixel war escalate! Kudos Nikon! Will post some sample shots sooner.