Shooting The Sexy Natalia Dinis

Professional model Miss Natalia Dinis is the perfect model for yours truly to try the resolving power of the Nikon D800. I was tempted to use a sharp prime lens for her shoot but the Nikkor 24-85mm is more than adequate to capture portraiture details-which still revealed her minor skin blemishes. I have read photographers bemoan spending much time retouching with the 36 MP images of the D800 when using the ultra sharp Nikkor 85mm f1.4 AF-S lens with optimum settings. Sometimes too much sharpness and too many pixels can be unflattering in portraiture, hence, the existence of soft focus lenses and filters of film yore. But shooting large group shots is another story. Thanks to Digital Headquarters Studio for organizing this on-location shoot and muchas gracias, Natalia.