Farewell to Master Lenseman Victor Aquino

It breaks my heart to announce that my advertising and wedding photography mentor in Mr. Victor J. Aquino has just passed away last night. Mr. Bug Nieva gave me a call to annouce the sad news. Much of what I know about lighting, shooting techniques and coverages I owe to him and to Mr. Nieva. Despite personality clashes with Vic, he still bore with yours truly-watta guy! I first met Vic in 1993 when I was a junior in-house photographer of the defunct Imageworks International Inc. (formerly Haunting Images) under Creative Director Norman Castillo. Imageworks specializes in film AVPs! And Vic is a great teacher of photography of mine too. Friends know him for his passion, energy and mentoring spirit in photography. An excellent pro indeed: Vic can shoot anything in digital and film: advertising, architectural, fashion, industrial, portraites, special events, technical, 4 x 5 film, darkroom special effects, etc. And during film days he was one of the most in-demand photographers and film AVP specialist (when Adobe and Macromedia was in its infancy). Farewell master Vic and thank you for all the helpful tips and insights you shared with me!