Shierdan Goes Full-HD in Videography

For all my special events and corporate video coverages I work with Shierdan Pamintuan almost exclusively. Aside from looking a lot like Jet Lee, Shierdan or "Dan" for short, is a quiet yet very likeable artist. You see he has this funny side to his personality that really jumps out of him just to kill any awkward or boring situations. Did I mention that he is very sincere and personable with clients? Well his artworks are equally impressive as he is indeed very popular with clients with special events like : high-end weddings, debut, birthday parties, etc. Recently he upgraded his video camera into full-HD Panasonic. That means Dan can do TV commercials and digital movies now! I have corporate projects in the works for Dan. 'tis a pleasure working with him. You'll be posted here for any projects I did with him.