Basic Photography is Nationally Certified

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA is the Philippine government's arm that provides skill development of the labor, local government units and technical-vocational institutions of the country's human resources. The recent five-day assessors course at the TESDA headquarters for prospective assessors was completed and yours truly is honored to be qualified as one of the first national photography assessor. Any photographer who needs certification for basic photography (for employment, documentation, etcetera) can take an assessment exam at TESDA-certified photo testing centers, like the FPPF in Intramuros soon. The TESDA Photography NC 2 certification is recognize by any country the Philippines have bilateral relations with, hence its significance. So more photo test centers will be established nationwide in the future. Other industries recently promulgated by TESDA are ballroom dancing, 2-D animation, 3-D animtion, shoe making, medical transcription and metalworks. What stressed me during the seminar was the fact that I had to do an "instant" photo/video presentation on behalf of our group one day. Good thing that I had my laptop and that my Kodak digicam has a video mode! The other photo assessors also contributed footages. Have a look at our works by clicking on the video window above. Hey TESDA, videography needs to be promulgated too y'know.