CCTF In Action In Coron Island

The Children's Chance For Tomorrow Foundation, or CCFT is founded by the beloved American in Mr. Peter Baldwin, whom the orphants fondly call "tatay Pete" or daddy Peter in Tagalog. The foundation runs under the loving directorship of Ms. Michelle Abayari (the lady in sunglasses above)-thank you for making my work and stay very profitable yet comfy. And thank you Mr. Baldwin for your heart of gold towards the abandoned. With seven hectersof inspiring real estate, I found myself darting around for shots for CCTF's international advertising campaign. The CCTF is surprisingly self-sufficient: an infermary, nursery, swiming pools, international kinder and grade schools, kitchen, dormitories, chapel, small farm, CCTV security, etcetera-even WiFi! The island is attractingtourists and sea divers, hence, the frenzied development going on. But I enjoyed the bumpy dirt roads to the foundation but my equipment might not. Soon all dirt roads in Coron will have been history.