GEAR TALK: Spoiled by the Nikon D60

I try to keep my gear “lean yet mean” when I cover special events. After a year using my tiny Nikon D60 DSLR your physical body (especially arms) treats your cam as an appendage-an extension of your body. A tiny body enables me to move around more ably for photo variety. Then picking-up a top, pro (read: heavy) body like the D2x or Canon 1Ds MKIII with an “L” lense and flash attached can initially irritate moi (this is how I feel when I do ad photography with Shutterbug studio). It takes me a good 15 minutes to adjust from a tiny body to a tank heh heh heh! The image quality (IQ) of the D60 is dependent on the lense of choice plus in-camera adjustments (like shooting in RAW format). Never before has a tiny DLSR delivered IQ this good. And don’t be fooled with the tiny size, this D60 can be rugged enough for mass production photography (like weddings). I thought my old D70 was okay but the D60 just spoiled me. Maybe the next upgrade will surprise moi.