Gear Talk: Reflector & Trigger Attachments

In the near future all top-end flash units will incorporate a built-in radio trigger, and just maybe: a second flash reflector panel on the adjacent flash lid. Until then here is my do-it-yourself RF trigger attachment and second reflector. I used regular velcro for the reflector and Scotch recloseable fasteners for my TriStar RF transmitter. My detacheable reflector is an ultra-thin PVC white strip (black in color at the back side) that’s slightly bended near the tip (to prevent lense shadow). It’s effect is equal to my bulky and expensive Demb reflector. It’s not perfect but doesn’t my rig look vastly slimmer, professional, lighter and cheaper compared to a Pocket Wizard/flash rig mounted onto a bracketed DSLR? You can benefit from this too.