Gear Talk:

For many years I have struggled with all kinds of camera straps. What annoys me the most is the way it tends to block the camera’s viewfinder whenever I would rotate the camera into a vertical position for a portraite. So I modified and married both the Tamrac and Nikon straps into my own convenience. What I like about the Tamrac strap is the way you can unobstrusively detach it (into a fourth its length) should you decide to mount your DSLR onto a tripod (inset, top right photo). Because of my light-weight camera and flash I can risk to just attach the strap into just one camera strap holder. In lieu of the thick and foamy Tamrac neck strap, I used Nikon’s strap that came with my DSLR. Yes, I had to literally cut that Tamrac part out with a blade. Eureka! Joe’s hybrid camera strap. Try it!