Gear Talk: Tri Star Radio Trigger and Receiver

For flash radio trigger and transmitters I use the Chinese-made, 4 channel TriStar brand name. The trigger is model RT01T, while the receiver is model RT01R. Both can be had in Quiapo, Manila for Php 5,000 (USD $120) a pair: one trigger (left item of the photo) and one transmitter (right item of the photo). A single trigger or transmitter can be procured for Php 2,500 only. TriStar claims to have a 25 meter effective range but experience tells me it’s within less than 20 meters. It misfires 10% of the time but you could always trip the shutter again -I guess you get what you pay for. Yet some photogs confide that even the top-of-the-line Pocket Wizard (PW) oddly misfires. There are newer (and cheaper!) Chinese-made brands out in the market yet mine is still working. I’ve attached the Scotch dual lock, recloseable fasteners on all my TriStars, which claims to hold 900g per square inch. I’ve modified (cut-out) one of my receiver’s jacks for portability (not shown). Soon I will post images on how I mounted the TriStars on my equipment.